Introducing DriveMatic

Introducing DriveMATIC

An Ad for Every Car on the Lot

Precision Advertising.
Measurable Results.

Want to sell more used inventory for less?

DriveMATIC’s automated ad creation and bid management ensures your dealership attains a level of detail and optimization that no human could ever hope to match.

What Makes DriveMATIC Stand Out?

  • Automatically generated ads for every vehicle in inventory
  • Custom calculated payment for each vehicle ad.
  • patent Proprietary in house developed Patented Software
  • Daily bid adjustments guarantee the best results for the lowest cost per click
  • Programmatic automated campaign optimization.
  • 100% transparent custom reporting interface.
  • Dedicated account manager.

Ads That Drive Action

Our Patented low monthly payment algorithm powers ads that entice user click through to your live inventory.

Text Ads

Text advertising on Google and Bing that are always automated and always accurate based on your inventory.

Display Ads

Automated banners built using images from your inventory and crafted to drive visitors to vehicles you have in stock.

Introducing DriveMATIC for Facebook

We’ve take the same highly targeted approach to used car advertising and combined it with the reach and user awareness of the world’s most popular social network. We build ads for every used car on your lot and present them to Facebook user demographics that have shown interest or intent for that particular vehicle. Combined with our patented payment algorithm, you get a very low cost per click and an industry leading conversion rate.

DriveMATIC requires no long term commitments. We are so confident in our product that we provide real time reporting on all key performance indicators. Our reporting gives you full access to all campaigns and help you learn which vehicles perform best. We do not mark up your spend or clicks. Our flat monthly fee allows us to be fully transparent to our customers.

DriveMATIC is the most robust automated automotive SEM software on the planet! We encourage you to explore our full service offering to learn more about the many exciting ways that we can help you market your inventory with our software.


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